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Birthday Cakes:  Birthdays are special and unique and "Happy Birthday to You!" is like icing on a cake.We have a wide range of birthday cakes for you to make the day special.

Anniversary Cakes:  An important milestone for a couple, a wedding anniversary requires a memorable celebration. For a Golden Anniversary, have a cake that represents the same.

Chocolate Cakes: A layered chocolate cake filled and frosted. Chocolate cakes are perfect to celebrate any occasion. Birthday parties, anniversary dinners, corporate celebrations, date night or just dessert after your regular dinner - chocolate cake is a gastro-delight!Order now.

Custom Cakes: The taste of delicious cakes baked at my little cake shop, come up with the any customization and we will create your dream cake.

Designer Cakes: Bored of the usual birthday cake designs? Irrespective of the age of the person, a unique cake always brings a smile on the faces of all those attending the party. We design cake for you.

Fruit Cakes: Fruit cakes are my all time favorite whether it is fresh or dry fruit cake. Fresh fruit cake gives fantastic look with healthy choice of all fresh fruits.

Kids Cakes : We do our best to make your child feel more special on his/her happiest day with our kid's cake.

Customized Cakes: Every person is unique, and loves to have their own impression on the things they own.We do have many customized cake ready for you as per your impression.

Signature Wedding Cakes: The cutting of the scrumptious, tasty, and delightful wedding cake is an important wedding tradition

3D cakes: A simple tips and secrets that anyone can do in to add some creative touches to your party are by cutting a 3d cake.